Public RecordsL Muskingum County Actual Property Transfers

Oct. 18

1782 Lori Langsdorf to Lori Langsdorf and Matthew Barnes, 840 North Hopewell Street, Hopewell, $30,100

1783 Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Michael Geisz, 5.462 acres, Blue Rock Church Street, Chandlersville, $53,000

1784 Wayne Gheen Jr. to Legacy Builders Options LLC, 9149 Heart Street, Blue Rock, $25,500

1785 Sharon and Paul Nunley to Daniel and Tami Scott, 1230 Pfeifer Drive, Zanesville, $199,000

1786 Carol Bice to Richard Bice, 33 E. Ninth St., Dresden, $60,000

1787 Micro Properties LLC to Stacy Fleming and Mark Herrington, 150 W. Fourth St., Frazeysburg, $135,000

1788 Donna Younger to CP’s Rental Companies LLC, 1141 Roosevelt Ave., Zanesville, $68,000

1789 Ashton Black to Beau Hiles, 11400 Fairall Street, Frazeysburg, $190,000

1790 Humble Coronary heart Ltd. to Lynette Dotson, 620 Predominant St., Dresden, $39,900

1791 Brian Hewison and Terri Herron to Tashia Fink, 1766 Longhill Drive, Zanesville, $390,000

1792 Brian Hewison and Terri Herron to Tashia Fink, 1762 Longhill Drive, Zanesville, $40,000

1793 DMB Holdings LLC to Stach Property LLC, 5845 Frazeysburg Street, Nashport, $195,000

1794 Vickie Moore to Fernando Morgan, 1288 East Drive, Zanesville, $380,000

1795 James and Daniel Deitrick to El Palenque Mexican Restaurant Inc., 269 Predominant St., Duncan Falls, $154,000

1796 Property of Marilyn Huhn to William Sullivan, 9485 Hopewell Nationwide Street, Hopewell, $110,000

1797 Michael and Erin Pruneski to Richard Doffes Jr. and Teresa Williams, 3107 Sherri Lane, Chandlersville, $350,000

1798 Scott and Mabel Engert to Natosha and Sean Lehman, 8711 Ridgley Street, Mt. Perry, $360,000

1799 Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Jonathan Eubanks and Yoland Harris, 5.006 and 5.003 acres, Blue Rock Church Street, Chandlersville, $150,000

Oct. 19

1800 Wayne Gheen Jr. to Legacy Builder Options LLC, 1041 Market St., Zanesville, $10,000

1801 Kenneth and Jennifer Nesselroad to Adam Kennah, 2020 Dietz Lane and Odessa Lane, Zanesville, $625,000

1802 Ron West to Tonya Bowman, 220 Mead St., Zanesville, $15,000

1803 Landon and Makinzie Israel to Austin Israel and Kirsten Fleming, 97 East Predominant St., Zanesville, $129,000

1804 Jeffrey and Shari Wilson to Joshua Curtis and Lindsay Wilson, 2651 Pink Fox Drive, Duncan Falls, $250,000

Oct. 20

1805 Jon and Rebecca Allen to Ashraf Mussa, 786 Dryden Street, Zanesville, $51,000

1806 Jean Krouse to Crystal Maziar, Tons 80 to 84, Cedar Hills Part 2, Waldeck Drive, Nashport, $20,000

1807 Maringer Properties LLC to David P. and Ashley R. Larimer, 2090 Harden Drive, Mt. Perry, $47,000

1808 George Horsfall Jr. to David and Lisa Lawless-Burke, 10255 Outdated River Street, Blue Rock $42,500

1809 Devin Israel to McHugh Actual Property LLC, Half Tons 16, 17, 18, 19, Zanesville Terrace, 2560 Arcadia Ave., Zanesville, $68,000

Oct. 21

1810 Thomas Darnell Jr. and Regina Driver to David and Kimberly Chupka, 4855 Watershed Manner, Nashport, $526,000

1811 Nelson Troyer to Grant Roberts, 58.5 acres, Flint Ridge Street, Hopewell, $245,000

1812 Lorna Smith to Robert Camp, 95 Sundale Street, Norwich, $16,000

1813 Ronald and Mallory Kelso to Angelia and John Cox Jr., 5975 Browning Street, Chandlersville, $35,000

1814 Ronal Bateson to Brooklen Cox, 4665 Heart Street, Zanesville, $144,000

1815 Patricia Peterman to Levi Hampp, 15.959 acre cut up, Heart Street, Philo, $10,000

1816 Ralph Johnathan and Lynn Sharrer to Jeffrey and Penny Vinsel, 511 Karl Drive, Zanesville, $150,000

1817 Rick and Lesha Alexander to Susan and Daniel Cabeen, 703 Caldwell St., Zanesville, $168,900

Oct. 22

1818 Vernon Adkins to Christina and Jeremy Ferguson, 10910 W. Carlisle Street, Frazeysburg, $163,000

1819 Hammerston Holdings LLC to Sharon Wickerham and James Pratt, 5205 Pert Hill Street, Nashport, $340,000

1820 Zanesville Ridge Street LLC and BR/BE Actual Property LLC to Salvatore Mominey, I 652 Morgan Street, Zanesville, $73,300

1821 Susan Sands to West Zanesville Properties LLC, 559 Dryden Street, Zanesville, $51,000

1822 Paul Emory to Nora Daniel, 7835 Coopermill Street, Zanesville, $86,700

Property Transfers Exempt from Conveyance Charges

Oct. 18

E1085 Timothy Hartman to Timothy and Julie Hartman, 505 Harris St., Philo

E1086 David and Carol Misel to Eli Jand Andrea Misel, 1.0 acre, Dietz Lane, Zanesville

E1087 Colleen Parker (Mayle) to Patrick and Colleen Mayle, 13505 Scout Street, Frazeysburg

Oct. 19

E1088 Paul Dusenberry and Sheila Marshall to 8150 Coopermill Holdings LLC, 8150 Coopermill Street, Zanesville

E1089 MDLSB LLC to J. Rob II and Susan Okay. Sharrer, 1901 Dresden Street, Zanesville

E1090 John Offenbacher to John Offenbacher, 1.757 acres, Staker Hill Street, Blue Rock

E1091 Lloyd Adams to Virginia Adams, 3185 Wayne Ridge Street, Zanesville

E1092 Martha Atkins to Martha Atkins, 120 W. LaSalle Road, Zanesville

E1093 Martha Atkins to Stephen Atkins,120 W. LaSalle Road, Zanesville

E1094 Jennifer Atkinson to Joey and Sandra Kopchak, 3.724 acre cut up, Coopermill Street, Zanesville

Oct. 20

E1095 Gregory Stoneburner to Peggy Stoneburner, 915 Orchard Hill Street, Zanesville

E1096 Hans Anderson III to Hans III and Dorothy Erickson-Anderson, 3120 Nob Hill, Zanesville

E1097 Clarence Wayne and Evangeline Cunningham to Jennifer Stotts and Erin Boyd, 2517 Geneva Drive, Zanesville

E1098 Charles and Dorothy McLean to Charles and Dorothy McLean, 1470 Henrietta Ave., Zanesville

E1099 Billie Mominey to Salvatore and Billie Mominey, 1015 Leonard Ave., Zanesville

E1100 William Morris to Robin Morris, Tons 343-344, 377-381, Owens Addition, Auburn Avenue, Zanesville

E1101 Marion Dilley to Keith Dilley, 7190 South River Street, Blue Rock

Oct. 21

E1102 James Bates to James and Sweet Bates, 35 First St., Roseville

E1103 Charles Printz to Thomas Steen, 6575 Rose Hill Street, Roseville

Oct. 22

E1104 Y-Metropolis Property Enchancment Group LLC to Michael Downs, 65.763 acres, Rural Dale Street, Blue Rock

E1105 Michael Downs to Y-Metropolis Property Enchancment Group LLC, 12215 Rural Dale Street, Blue Rock

E1106 Amanda Williams and Elizabeth Stevens to Trent Stevens, 829 Jackson St., Zanesville

E1107 Robert Sears Jr. to Robert Sears Leases LLC, 1069 Putnam Ave., Zanesville

E1108 MLM, to MLM, 711 St. Louis Ave., Zanesville

E1109 Joel Dornisch to Joel and Lana Dornisch, 1033 Culbertson Ave., Zanesville

E1110 Rita Harvey to Jennifer and Eugene Myers Jr., 2555 Marion Drive, Zanesville

This text initially appeared on Zanesville Occasions Recorder: Public RecordsL Muskingum County Actual Property Transfers

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